OSD152 Product Details


  • Fixed and tactical military communication systems
  • Satellite down links
  • High Speed Data Communications


  • MIL-STD-188-114A operation
  • Extends data, one or two clocks and one control channel over link lengths to 2km
  • Full duplex operation from DC to 2.048Mb/s on each of the four signals
  • User selectable data plus clock operation only to 3.5Mb/s
  • EMI/RFI resistant metal enclosure
  • Safe transmission in hazardous environments
  • More secure than copper cables
  • Small size, low cost, robust and reliable

Product Downloads

Name Description Filetype Filesize
OSD152 DSOSD152 Datasheetapplication/pdf122.83K
OSD152 OMOSD152 Operator Manualapplication/pdf113.71K