Letter from the General Manager

Since 1987 Optical Systems Design has been in the business of helping its customers implement optical fiber based communications systems in applications ranging from education to tactical military systems. We are committed to providing our customers with technically superior, cost effective and flexible products with world class reliability.

This website is intended to provide you with a quick and convenient snapshot of our major products offerings. However, please remember that we are constantly updating old products and introducing new ones so if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please call one of our systems engineers for the latest information. And then even if we don’t have exactly what you need we can sometimes modify a current product or develop a custom solution just for you.

OSD products are used in a broad range of markets including:

Transportation Security Defence Broadcast
  • highways
  • railways
  • subway and light rail
  • busways
  • city traffic control
  • tunnels
  • safe city systems
  • prisons
  • detention centres
  • courts
  • casinos
  • ¬†industrial and commercial
  • tactical data systems
  • shipboard communications
  • specialised systems
  • CATV stations
  • TV stations
  • outside broadcast

OSD often simply supplies individual products, which the customer then integrates into his system. However, we are systems engineers and welcome the opportunity to assist you in your overall systems design. Very often in such cases we will be able to make an extremely significant contribution to both the technical performance and the cost effectiveness of your system.

OSD’s commitment is to provide you with a solution that is best for you: we will work with you from the initial design through manufacturing and supply to onsite services such as commissioning and user training.

We look forward to working with you.

Nick Fitzsimmons
General Manager