OSD139 Product Details


  • Data transmission through electrically noisy environments
  • Secure communications
  • Hazardous environments
  • Factory automation


  • Interconnects one RS232C/V24 data channel over 3km of multimode fiber
  • Full duplex asynchronous data transmission at up to 60kbps
  • Directly plugs into host’s RS232 D connector
  • Available with either male or female D connector
  • DTE or DCE switchable
  • Self-powered from the RS232 signals
  • EMI/RFI resistant metal enclosure
  • Complete end-to-end isolation
  • Safe transmission in hazardous environments
  • More secure than copper cables
  • Small size, low cost, robust and reliable
  • Optional high speed version with data transmission up to 120kbps (OSD139HS)

Product Downloads

Name Description Filetype Filesize
OSD139HS DSOSD139HS Datasheetapplication/pdf114.71K
OSD139HS OMOSD139HS Operator Manual application/pdf102.45K
OSD139 DSOSD139 Datasheetapplication/pdf69.65K
OSD139 OMOSD139 Operator Manual application/pdf106.03K