OSD8865 Product Details


  • Very high performance surveillance systems where high resolution or long transmission distances are required
  • Safe city CCTV system video transmission
  • Transportation communication systems


  • 3 video receivers built on one card
  • Broadcast quality 10 bit video, bandwidth of 10MHz
  • Works with the OSD8815T over an operating range of at least 3km on multimode, 30km on singlemode with greater than 100km possible on singlemode with optional optical devices
  • Performance is maintained at the same high quality over all link lengths
  • Adjustment-free receiver operation
  • Provide many channels of video reception in a compact 19” rack  mounting configuration (usually in control room)

Product Downloads

Name Description Filetype Filesize
OSD8865 DSOSD8865 Datasheetapplication/pdf176.68K
OSD8865 OMOSD8865 Operator Manual application/pdf148.34K