OSD8817 Product Details


  • High quality CCTV networks requiring full duplex data and contact closure transmission between cameras and their control centre
  • Transportation communications systems


  • One way optic transmission of PAL, NTSC or SECAM video plus duplex transmission of one data channel and forward path transmission of a contact closure.
  • Broadcast quality 10 bit video maintained over all link lengths.
  • Video bandwidth of 8MHz.
  • Transmitter configuration controlled by receiver.
  • Single fiber operation.
  • Transmitter is a very compact design that fits into most camera housings.
  • Receiver available either as a single channel card (OSD8817R) or module (OSD8817RC) or as a dual channel card (OSD8817R2).
  • Optional network monitoring available.
  • Operates over either up to 3km of multimode fiber or up to 80km of singlemode fiber, depending on optical devices used.

Product Downloads

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OSD8817 DSOSD8817 Datasheetapplication/pdf146.62K
OSD8817 OMOSD8817 Operator Manualapplication/pdf255.05K
OSD8817POT OMOSD8817 Potted version Operator Manual application/pdf196.59K