OSD8320 Product Details


  • High quality SDI CCTV networks requiring full duplex data and/or audio transmission between cameras and their control centre
  • Transportation communications systems
  • Broadcast television systems
  • Extremely high quality video conferencing


  • One way optic transmission of PAL, NTSC or SECAM video and 3G HD/SDI signal with full duplex transmission of
    • Two audio channels
    • Three data channels
    • One relay contact closure channel
  • Studio quality 10 bit video and 24 bit audio
  • Remote control of Pan, Tilt and Zoom for video surveillance.
  • Transmission of alarm and control signals from the camera site.
  • 3G HD/SDI available with built in user bypassable automatic reclocking at 270Mbps, 1.485Gbps and 2.97Gbps
  • 3G HD/SDI operates from 19.4Mbps to 2.97Gbps in non-reclocked mode
  • 3G HD/SDI compatible with SMPTE 310M, 292M, 259M, 297M and 372M and 424M
  • Automatic equalization of up to 350m @ 270Mbps and 70m @ 2.97Gbps of Belden 1694A cable
  • Composite video inputs have 3dB overload capability and can be equalised for up to 300m of coaxial cable.

Product Downloads

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OSD8320 DSOSD8320 Datasheetapplication/pdf414.28K
OSD8320 OMOSD8320 Operator Manualapplication/pdf323.64K