OSD435* Product Details

This product is obsolete. Please contact OSD Sales for further information.


  • CTV networks requiring full duplex video, audio and/or data transmission between cameras and the control centre
  • Transportation communications systems
  • Distance learning
  • Extremely high quality video conferencing


  • Full duplex transmission of
    • one video channel
    • two audio channels
    • three data channels
    • one relay contact channel
  • Transmission of alarm and control signals from the camera site
  • Remote control of Pan, Tilt and Zoom for video surveillance
  • Video bandwidth of 10MHz CD-quality digital audio
  • Full duplex 2-wire audio intercom with 100Hz to 5kHz bandwidth and associated on hook/off hook signalling with industry standard RJ11 connector
  • Operating range of at least 5km on multimode and 50km on singlemode fiber with standard devices and greater than 100km with optional lasers

Product Downloads

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OSD435 OMOSD435 Operator Manualapplication/pdf165.01K
OSD435 DSOSD435 Datasheetapplication/pdf242.46K