OSD138 Product Details


  • Long distance RS422, RS232 or RS485 links
  • Industrial RS485 to fiber converter
  • Links requiring a module at one end and a card at the other
  • Secure, noise immune government and industrial communications


  • Multi-protocol operation
  • 2 and 4-wire RS485, TTL, RS422, Manchester, Biphase or RS232 operation
  • Extends link lengths to 5km on multimode and over 100km on singlemode fiber
  • Full duplex, asynchronous, DC to 1Mbp
  • Plugs directly into the OSD370 standard chassis
  • ST optical connectors standard
  • Safe transmission in hazardous environments
  • More secure than copper cables
  • Robust and reliable


Adelaide Superway, Australia

Product Downloads

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OSD138 OMOSD138 Operator Manualapplication/pdf158.89K
OSD138 DSOSD138 Datasheetapplication/pdf274.18K