OSD1270 Product Details


  • Railway signalling systems based on the Solid State Interlocking (SSI) system developed by British Rail
  • SSI Optical Data Link Module (ODLM) over fiber or copper


  • Replaces the standard SSI Data Link Module (DLM) with a physically compatible unit that transmits the SSI signal over optical fibers as well as over copper
  • Standard unit comes with dual Datalink interface so that it can simultaneously operate with two copper trackside datalinks and a fiber bus
  • Available in a SSI + fiber only version for SSI networks where trackside datalink connectivity is not required
  • Completely compatible with all SSI system elements such as TCPs, TFMs, etc
  • Compatible with both multimode and singlemode fiber
  • Extends module separation to several kilometres of multimode fiber and to over thirty kilometres of singlemode fiber. Distances of at least 100km are possible with optional optical devices
  • Two fibers in each direction is standard but single fiber operation is optional
  • Provides immunity to extreme electrical interference and complete end-to-end isolation
  • Up to 63 units can be placed in a bus topology
  • Link Alarm Output to monitor the optical or copper links
  • Extremely robust electronics and packaging designed for the severe environments typical of railway applications

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