OSD1240 Product Details


  • Railway signalling systems based on the Solid State Interlocking system developed by British Rail
  • SSI over fiber

Features & Benefits

  • Extends module separation to several kilometres of multimode fiber, and to over a hundred kilometres of singlemode fiber
  • Compatible with all common fiber sizes
  • Available in redundant Bus and Ring  configurations
  • Complete end-to-end isolation with up to 40 units in series
  • Built-in test features
  • Safe transmission in hazardous environments
  • Immune to electrical interference
  • Extremely robust electronics and packaging designed for the severe environments typical of railway applications


Product Downloads

Name Description Filetype Filesize
OSD1240 DSOSD1240 Datasheetapplication/pdf153.85K
OSD1240A OMOSD1240A Operator Manualapplication/pdf146.33K
OSD1240B OMOSD1240B Operator Manualapplication/pdf355.37K