OSD1200* Product Details

*¬†This product is nearing it’s end of life. Please contact OSD Sales for further information.


Industrial networks based on the following programmable logic controllers (PLC).

  • GE Genius
  • Siemens Synec
  • Modicon Modbus Plus
  • Square D Synet
  • Allen Bradley Data Highway
  • Honeywell IPC620
  • Omron Control Link
  • National Mewnet

Features & Benefits

  • Extends module separation to several kilometers
  • Compatible with all common fiber sizes
  • Complete end-to-end isolation
  • Immune to electrical interference
  • Safe transmission in hazardous environments
  • Built in test mode
  • Built in repeater module (optional)
  • Supports both Bus and Star topologies

Product Downloads

Name Description Filetype Filesize
OSD1200 DSOSD1200 Datasheetapplication/pdf130.29K
OSD1201 OMOSD1202 Operator Manualapplication/pdf59.82K
OSD1202 OMOSD1202 Operator Manualapplication/pdf92.60K
OSD1204 OMOSD1204 Operator Manualapplication/pdf64.71K