Fault Finding in Fiber Optics

Troubleshooting communications systems can be very difficult, especially with complex networks where software can add its own little quirks to what can already be a hard job. Many years ago the totally non-technical cofounder of OSD put together a basic … Continue reading

Multimode versus Singlemode

For many years now we at Optical Systems Design have been promoting the major technical and economic advantages of singlemode fiber versus multimode. Very often, it unfortunately seems that typical singlemode equipment is much more expensive that the equivalent multimode … Continue reading

Video Quality

Have you ever noticed that when reading specifications for standard analog in/out transmission systems and those for video over IP systems the huge differences between what is, and what is not, specified? Even the lowest cost fiber systems will provide … Continue reading

The Selection of Optical Connectors

Starting in the mid 1990’s, several building wiring standards, usually based on the American EIA/TIA 568 series (eg, Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 3080), were released that specified the SC type connector for most applications within premises wiring systems.  Unfortunately, many people … Continue reading