Newsletter February 2021

It’s not all about IP……

In the past few newsletters OSD has been promoting our growing range of Industrial Ethernet Switches, media converters and accessories designed to meet industry requirements for rugged network devices.

However, there is still a demand for serial data, analog video and uncompressed video to be transmitted over optical fiber.  OSD continues to support and expand its product range required for this, whether it is a legacy system being extended, replacement of a failed unit or a new rollout.  OSD has over 30 years experience in providing the best solutions to its customers, whether based on one of our standard products or on a custom design.

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Featured Products:


Released in 2004, the OSD138 is still one of OSD’s most popular products providing transmission of RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial data over fiber.OSD9003 & OSD9004

The OSD9003 & OSD9004 provide RF transmission from 10 to 2500MHz over optical fiber which enables its use in a variety of RF over fiber applications such as paging systems and UHF mobile radio networks as well as its application to satellite links and cellular RF trunking.

To be released in April 2021, the OSD8230 sends uncompressed real time full 4k definition video via a 12G VSFP with a transmission distance of up to 50 km of single mode optical fiber.  Contact the OSD Sales team for further information.


Used extensively through the rail networks in Victoria and Queensland the OSD1240 has been reliably transmitting SSI signalling communication over optical fiber since 2006.  At the request of one customer, OSD redesigned the data and power connectors to ensure compatibility with their preferred connector type.

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These products are designed and manufactured by OSD in Sydney, Australia.