The OSD2892 is an industrial managed  Layer 3 Ethernet Switch with 36x 10/100/1000BASE-T and 4x10G Trunk SFP ports. The OSD2892 is temperature rated from -20 to +75°C and is available in one of several powering options including dual redundant DC powering  (10 – 36VDC … Continue reading


The OSD2010 is a device used to convert between different fiber modes or operate as an optical repeater. The OSD2010 has two SFP ports which work in a “plug and play” operation, without the need for user settings. The device … Continue reading


The OSD2524 is an Industrial Managed Layer 2 Ethernet Switch with 20x 10/1000/1000BaseT, 4x RJ45/SFP Combo and 2x 1G Trunk SFP ports. The OSD2524 is temperature rated from -20 to +75°C and is available in one of several powering options, … Continue reading


The OSD2153P is an Industrial PoE++ Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter which supports up to 60W PoE and can operate at 100Mbps or 1000Mbps over fiber with Link Loss Forwarding for remote fault management. The OSD2153P will operate at temperatures up … Continue reading


The OSD2254P is an Industrial Self-Configuring Redundant Ring Gigabit PoE++ Ethernet Switch. The OSD2254P has four fixed copper ports all supporting up to 60W PoE each as well as two 100/1000BaseX SFP ports. The OSD2254P will operate up to 75degC … Continue reading

OSD2910 OSD2910

The OSD2910 is a miniature mid-span PoE++ Gigabit Ethernet Extender which is designed to operate from -20 to +75degC and will support up to 60W PoE. Please click here for more info.