Newsletter March 2021

How far do you want to go?

OSD has a wide and expanding range of Ethernet media converters and switches operating from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. As part of this range we also offer Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) optical modules that support link distances anything from a few metres to over more than 140km with reasonable quality singlemode fibers and allowing for a sensible link margin.

Usually, this selection of SFPs is more than adequate. But what do we do if a customer needs to operate over more than 200km? Or their fibers are old and have higher losses than is standard nowadays? Or both?

Such a situation arose recently with an organisation needing to connect several operation centers that are over 150km apart. After much discussion with the customer we came up with the solution of modifying the OSD2512, one of our standard 14-port rack mounting Gigabit Ethernet switches, to include an optical receiver employing an Avalanche Photodiode (APD) that increases receiver sensitivity by at least 10dB and an optical amplifier that increases the transmit power from the usual maximum of +3 to +6dBm to +20dBm.

Net result: a link loss budget of 55dB at an operating wavelength of 1550nm which with modern fibers exhibiting a loss of 0.18dB/km could conceivably result in a link distance of more than 300km. However, using a more realistic attenuation of 0.25dB/km and allowing for a 5dB link margin results in a 200km range thus nicely meeting the customer’s requirements.

The new product is called the OSD2512EA and is used in scenarios like the following:

Do you also have a problem with extreme link distances and/or not enough fibers? If so, give OSD a call and, if we don’t have an existing product that does the job, we will do our best to provide you with a practical and maintainable solution.

OSD2J12 PoE Injectors

OSD has recently released a range of gigabit PoE Injectors compliant to the IEEE802.3af/at/bt standard. There are currently 3 versions available supporting 30W, 60W and 95W at a constant output voltage of 55VDC. For increased versatility the input voltage can range from 12 to 56VDC allowing these Injectors to be used almost anywhere including where solar and battery power is used.

Scheduled for release in late April, our newest PoE Injector will provide up to 95W to Powered Devices using the PoH standard such as required by the Bosch Mic Starlight range.

Contact OSD Sales for more information or pricing on the OSD2J12 range of PoE Injectors