The Company

Optical Systems Design’s (OSD) products can be found everywhere. Highways, tunnels, airports, sporting venues, power stations, mine sites… everywhere!

Why? Because OSD backs up the well-known advantages of fiber such as noise immunity, security, long distance transmission and huge capacity with great products and great service. Over the past decade, we have supplied tens of thousands of fiber links carrying everything from a single low speed data signal to scores of television signals.

Handling extremes from the furnace heat of Australian deserts to the icy plains of Northern China, OSD systems are designed above all else for reliability. In addition, OSD products are flexible: often one OSD link will replace two or more of our competitors’ products by transmitting several different signals over the same fiber, thus reducing equipment, space and fiber costs.

Our product range is oriented towards short to medium distance applications. This includes CCTV systems from basic video-only to multi-channel multiplexing systems of the type widely used for traffic and security surveillance, process monitoring and access control. Our major emphasis is on video transmission products ranging from simple video security links to extremely sophisticated systems for very large CCTV networks covering thousands of square kilometres.

In addition, we offer data modems and multiplexers for most common interface standards such as RS232, RS422, RS485, and G703 as well as a number of proprietary interfaces used in industrial networks to interconnect computers and controllers.

Wherever you are, OSD’s systems engineers are available to help you design a system which meets your exact requirements. We will help you select the right products, plan the installation – even train your staff. And, if your system has special needs, we can modify existing products or design a new one to suit your specific requirements.

Once your system is installed and commissioned, our commitment to you has only just started: we provide ongoing support for as long as you need us.

Whatever your fiber optic requirements are, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with a technical proposal designed to best meet your needs.