OSD8020 Product Details


  • Intelligent remote monitoring and configuration, being compatible with standard SNMP v1, v2c and v3, and any third party SNMP software.
  • Accessible through any standard Internet Web-Browser from any location, with a graphical  rack display.
  • Chassis level and device level dynamical virtual panel display on Web-Browser based GUI.
  • Alarm notification functions.
  • Configuration of OSD8020 can be changed locally or remotely.
  • Multiple chassis can be stacked together via the concentrators in each chassis.
  • Ethernet switching function among the three Ethernet ports on the front panel.

Product Downloads

Name Description Filetype Filesize
OSD8020 DSOSD8020 Product Datasheetapplication/pdf120.63K
OSD8020 OMOSD8020 Operator Manual application/pdf2.03M