The OSD2010 is a device used to convert between different fiber modes or operate as an optical repeater. The OSD2010 has two SFP ports which work in a “plug and play” operation, without the need for user settings. The device allows the user to introduce a CWDM to an existing fiber network. SFPs operating at up to 10Gbps may be used with the OSD2010.


The OSD2524 is an Industrial Managed Layer 2 Ethernet Switch with 20x 10/1000/1000BaseT, 4x RJ45/SFP Combo and 2x 1G Trunk SFP ports. The OSD2524 is temperature rated from -20 to +75°C and is available in one of several powering options, including dual redundant DC powering (10 – 36VDC @ 40VA Max), AC powering and dual redundant AC powering (90 – 264VAC  @ 50VA Max).

A PoE version is also currently in development and will be released shortly.